Efrati Petrochemical Products Ltd.
is a leading Israeli company in the field of energy

We provide quality and service to wholesalers and institutions, through trade agreements on facilities.

Your satisfaction begins with our standards

Advanced and advanced work methods, including a series of comprehensive laboratory tests, in terms of quality, safety and reliability of the product.

We provide you service abroad

Our company is committed to reliability, quality and service of the highest standard to the customer's home!


"The use of alternative energy is important for two main reasons: reducing dependence on oil and the need to protect the environment from greenhouse gas emissions, and the issue of alternative fuels, including biodiesel for transportation, has been gaining momentum recently in Israel and around the world."

 Doron Tamir, Director, Israel Standards Institute

Efrati Solutions Petrochemical Products Ltd.

The company provides leading solutions in the field of energy in Israel, at high standards, while providing reliable, available and quality service.

A 23% increase in the consumption of diesel fuel and heating, heating and transportation alternatives in Israel.

The central heating system, which is directed to a heating temperature, does not dehydrate the air, the heat distribution is uniform, costs are significantly lower than the electricity prices, and the dependence on the electricity company is canceled.

10% growth in the conversion of natural gas directly to ready-to-use fuels.

The process of producing a natural gas-based alternative is considered a "clean" fuel, certainly in relation to conventional diesel, which meets all environmental standards and does not require special adjustment of engines for use.

More than 80% of the company's products are distributed in industry and institutions.

Our products undergo stringent processes of quality control and assurance, including comprehensive laboratory series that meet all the safety and standard requirements of the Israel Standards Institute and other standardization institutes around the world.

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Eli Horviz 27, Rehovot 7608803.

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Dereh Ben Gera 12, Rehovot.

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